2016年9月28日 星期三


1.      財務分析師:financial analyst

〔例句〕 A financial analyst from a prestigious[1] private bank can be regarded as one of the most promising positions with premium[2] pay and bonus in the job market.

2.     顧問consultant; advisor(婚禮顧問:wedding planner) 
     〔例句〕 One of the most well-known[3] global consulting companies is McKinsey. To be recruited as its consultant means a great future to a college graduate.

3.      會計師; 會計人員accountant

〔例句〕 The accountants who passed[4] the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and have met additional[5] state education and experience requirements in the U.S. are called CPA (美國會計師).

4.     精算師actuary

〔例句〕 An actuary is a business professional who deals with[6] the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Their employers[7] are usually the large-scale corporations in the industry like insurance, security, and investment banking.

5.     稽核員auditor

〔例句〕 Someone whose job is to officially[8] examine[9] a company's financial records is an auditor. Professional accounting firms are typically[10] where they work.

6.     銀行家banker(投資銀行家:investment banker)

〔例句〕 Jenny’s husband is a banker. He has been staying with Morgan Stanley for over 15 years.  

7.     律師lawyer; attorney; counselor

〔例句〕 A Hollywood movie, Counselor, described that how a lawyer finds himself in over his head[11] when he gets involved in[12] drug trafficking[13].  

8.     醫師doctor; physician(內科醫師); surgeon(外科醫師)

〔例句〕 In the modern times[14], many medical students plan to be a plastic surgeon (整形外科醫生) in a cosmetic surgery (整形外科領域).

9.      建築師architect

〔例句〕 In many countries including Taiwan, those who want to be doctors, attorneys, architects, and accountants usually need to pass the national civil service examination and gain the license before they officially practice[15]

10.   XX設計師graphic designer(平面設計師); industrial designer(工業設計師); product designer(產品設計師); fashion designer(服裝設計師); costume designer(戲服設計師)

〔例句〕 The discipline[16] of design comprises[17] multiple[18] sub categories[19]. On top of[20] graphic, interior, fashion and costume design, currently[21], to be an industrial and/or product designer is also booming[22] in the world.

11.   動畫師animator(動漫:animation; anime; 角色扮演:cosplay) 

〔例句〕Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks are three most successful studios in terms of[23] animated movie production. Their animators are the cream of the crop[24] in the industry.

12.   工程師engineer

13.   程式設計師(software) programmer

〔例句〕There are a variety of[25] categories when it comes to[26] engineering. The educational background of a programmer usually lies in[27] the major in computer and/or information science. 

14.   法務legal staff/personnel

15.   採購buyer; procurement staff; purchasing staff

〔例句〕Some positions, e.g.[28] the legal and buyer, are not common in the workplace. They can only be found in few specific[29] companies in the   technology and/or fashion industries.

16.   業務代表sales representative (=rep.) 

〔例句〕 Sales representatives are evidently[30] vital to any profit-driven company. No wonder[31] (that) there could be so many sales-related posts online.  

17.   客服代表customer service representative  

〔例句〕The in-house customer service department with a huge team of representatives are indispensible[32] in some industries, such as television shopping stations, direct marketing companies, as well as financial investment corporations.  

18.   櫃檯職員clerk; teller

19.   理財專員financial advisor

〔例句〕To many young clerks in banks, their next step in the organizational chart is to upgrade themselves to become the financial advisors because of the bonus incentive. [33]

20.  廣告文案copywriter(=CW)

〔例句〕A popular American drama “Madman” described[34] the office stories of  a top-notch[35] advertising executive (AE), starting his career as a copywriter, in Manhattan in 1950’s. 

21.   工頭/領班foreman

〔例句〕A foreman is an key role behind the architect on a construction site.  With hands-on experience, he’ll help ensure[36] the safety of the workers, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the project’s progress[37].   

22.   總機operator

23.   接待員receptionist

〔例句〕The duty[38] of a company’s receptionist, sitting in the front desk, often covers more than that of an operator. Actually, he or she needs to cope
with the business visitors and quite a few[39] back-office administrative[40] tasks.

24.   記者:journalist; reporter; correspondent (特派員)

25.   主播anchor

〔例句〕One of the ultimate[41] goals of many young journalists in the TV news stations is to be promoted as the anchorman or anchorwoman.

26.   製作人producer; filmmaker

27.   導演director

28.   攝影師photographer

29.   編劇screenwriter(劇本:screenplay) 

30.   演員actor

31.   女演員actress

〔例句〕A prosperous[42] movie industry enables to offer all kinds of job opportunities. It requests[43] producers, directors, photographers, screenwriters, actors, actresses, and just to name a few[44]. The annual Academy Award (The Oscars) has been set up[45] to reward[46] those outstandingly[47] devoted[48] professionals (pros.) with dissimilar[49] expertise in this industry.   

32.   工廠作業員operator 

33.  策展人curator; exhibit planner

〔例句〕With the thriving development of art-driven exhibition and event management industry, a curator has also become one of the most modern jobs in the young generation. 

綜合例句一:《請參閱Clare首本出版商英工具書:【商務英語的秘密:學校老師不教的12堂商務英語課 】一書的P.025 例句1》

綜合例句二:《請參閱Clare首本出版商英工具書:【商務英語的秘密:學校老師不教的12堂商務英語課 】一書的P.025 例句2》

[1] . 有名望的
[2] . 優質的; 高價的
[3] . 知名的 = famous = renowned
[4] . 通過 (考試; 法案)
[5] . 額外的 = extra
[6] . 應付; 處理 = cope with = handle
[7] . 僱主 衍. employee (受僱)員工
[8] . 官方地; 正式地
[9] . 細查; 調查; 檢查
[10] . 典型上
[11] . (be) in over head陷入太深無法自拔; 發現很難超乎能力
[12] . 牽涉一起
[13] . 非法交易 (尤指毒品買賣)
[14] . 在當今時代
[15] . 執業 衍. practitioner 開業者
[16] . 學科; 紀律
[17] . 包含; 囊括
[18] . 眾多的
[19] . 範疇
[20] . 之外; 除了…(有包含…)
[21] . 如今地
[22] . 大受歡迎的; 景氣好的
[23] . ...而言
[24] . 精英; 最好的
[25] . 不同的
[26] 片 當說到…; 談及… = speaking of
[27] . 位於; 在於
[28] . = for example
[29] . 特定的; 細節的
[30] . 明顯地; 顯而易見地 = obviously = apparently
[31] 文句. 難怪
[32] . 不可或缺的
[33] . 誘因
[34] . 描述
[35] . 頂尖的
[36] . 確保
[37] . 進展
[38] . 職務
[39] . 不少的
[40] . 行政的
[41] . 終極的
[42] . 繁榮的; 興旺的 = thriving
[43] . 需要; 要求; 需求
[44] . 還有不勝枚舉等等 = so on
[45] . 設立
[46] . 獎勵; 報答
[47] . 傑出的
[48] . 專心致志的
[49] . 不同的=different
[50] . 要緊的; 極重要的